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Unlock hidden energy saving potential within a building via wireless, self-powering devices.

Axon Systems provides wireless, self-powering technology solutions.

We harvest forms of energy from the local environment to power “small” electronic devices designed to make a “big” impact towards driving improved energy efficiency within buildings.

Our building automation solutions can essentially ‘bolt-on’ extra control functionality to any building or system to deliver superior energy performance and greater data insight. This is made possible through leveraging the power of the internet of Things (IoT) and self-powering wireless and batteryless technology.

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Solution benefits:

Reduce Raw Materials

Reduce Installation Costs

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce Raw Materials

Reduce Installation Costs

Reduce Energy Consumption

Did You Know

75% of EU building stock is energy inefficient and responsible for 36% of greenhouse gases. If progression towards Net Zero targets are going to be achieved, inefficient building stock needs to be improved. This is a big problem, but we believe we have the solution through our wireless, self-powering IoT solutions when used within renovation/ retrofit activities. This can reduce the 75% inefficiency figure of buildings by as much as 45%. Moreover, at a cost saving of 70% of the price compared to ‘fixed wired’ methods which require cabling and additional trade professionals that needlessly contribute to further CO2 emissions. We do this by harvesting forms of available energy to power ‘small’ IoT electronics designed to make a ‘big’ difference to drive increased energy performance within buildings. 

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