Axon systems are extremely excited to announce that our first IoT (Internet of Things) Gateway named “Nerve” is almost over the line and will be shipping in early 2021.

We love our tech solution and think you will too!

What is Nerve?

Nerve wirelessly connects electronic devices together and makes them visible for control either directly from Nerve or through other interconnected systems. For example, a temperature sensor, thermostat, switch, or other smart devices can be wirelessly linked together to be controlled locally by Nerve or remotely through a chosen cloud-based platform.

What makes Nerve different from any other control systems?

Three key differences which are used in our solutions:

· Wireless technology 

· Batteryless technology

· Self-powering technology 

That’s right, no more wires, batteries or expensive redecoration needed as a result of the installation cables!

How is this possible?

Through three basic technological innovations designed to capture energy:

  1. Energy Harvesting from light 
  2. Energy harvesting from heat 
  3. Energy harvesting from motion 

Energy cannot be destroyed, only converted! At Axon system we are in the business of converting energy. To do so we manufacture electronics to enable small amounts of energy harvested from the local environment to be converted for other useful purposes such as powering small electronic devices.

Converting energy to power devices

Axon Systems opens the door to smart self-powering technology through our IoT Gateway ‘Nerve’. There is enough energy to be harvested through the action of pushing of a button, turning of a handle or the opening of a window to power our electronic devices. Equally, there is enough light energy in the local environment such as an office or even a candle lit room to power one of our self-powering thermostats or sensors.

Axon Systems enables self-powering devices to communicate with each other to perform a programmed task from anywhere in the world. This can be as simple a switching a light on or enabling a heating system in an office or house. However, Nerve can also be engineered to perform complex control of advanced Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) along with facilitating systems integration through open source technology.

Axon Systems have set out to encourage the adoption of self-powering smart devices by making them more affordable and accessible. We serve to champion the use of energy harvesting technology and aim to respond to the need to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce environmental impact.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss being one of the first to get your hands on this new technology. Together we will lead the way to sustainability through self-powering technology.

Further announcements coming soon.

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