Axon Systems Ltd won this year’s North East Innovation award for Energy Innovation of the Year

The North East Innovation Awards celebrate the ground-breaking ideas, products, and ideas to come out of the region.

Axon Systems were picked for its innovative approach to harvesting energy in a sustainable way using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

David Lynch, energy innovation partnership manager at North East LEP, said: “There are some stand out energy businesses in this region, so it was a real challenge to choose a winner in the category, but Axon Systems really stood out as a business whose solution has the potential to provide energy savings for all, across both commercial and domestic spaces.”

What We Want to Achieve:

Axon Systems offer solutions that ultimately tackle climate change. We do so by increasing the performance of automatic control systems within buildings through the application of wireless self-powering equipment.

Our equipment can harvest forms of available energy that exist within buildings such as light, heat and motion.

This energy is then harvested to power our ‘small’ IoT electronics which are designed to make a ‘big’ difference towards driving increased energy performance of connected systems. Typically, such connected systems can include Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems with impressive results.

Why Improve the Energy Performance of Buildings?

Facts and Figures:

  • Buildings are the single largest energy consumer in Europe, responsible for 36% of greenhouse gasses
  • Europe and the UK has an aged building stock, 35% of which is over 50 years old, 75% of which is inefficient with only 1% being renovated each year

The figures reflect aging and inefficient UK building stock and show renovation is slow. Additionally, requirements to renovate and improve efficiency will see engineering activities that further increase demand on earth resources and associated CO2 production.

Following COVID-19, despite painful financial circumstances, we still need to stay on track to meet global NetZero targets. We cannot vaccinate our way out of Climate Change! It will not go away and requires a global response and collective effort.

Axon Systems believe that part of the solution is to retrofit inefficient building stock and systems with advanced self-powering IoT to reduce the 75% inefficiency figure of buildings.

Why use Axon Systems?

If our UK designed and built self-powering IoT solutions are used within retrofit activities on existing infrastructure, this will reduce the 75% inefficiency figure of buildings by as much as 45%. Moreover, at a cost saving of 70% of the price compared to traditional ‘fixed wired’ methods which require cabling and additional trade professionals that needlessly contribute further CO2 emissions.

Common FAQ’s

1. Who are Axon Systems and what problems are we trying to solve?

Axon Systems are based in Sunderland and design and build technology solutions for various markets right here in the North East.

We create innovative energy saving products and solutions that reduce demand on raw materials and earth resources whilst at the same time improving the energy efficiency of connected systems.

We believe this is key to solving climate change and sustainability issues.

2. How are Axon Systems going to solve such problems?

We design, build, and manufacture energy harvesting Internet of Things (IoT) electronics and enabling solutions which can be used within buildings to increase the energy performance of connected systems.

Our designs take inspiration from nature. Likewise, our self-powering devices lead by example. We only harvest the energy needed to function through the conversion of available ‘energy forms’ within buildings to power our solutions.

In a nutshell, our IoT solutions reduce energy demand within the energy chain whilst also reducing demand on raw materials.

The energy chain is going through world-wide digitalisation and has only recently been termed the Internet of Energy (IoE).

We believe that to achieve maximum efficiency the ‘Internet of Things’ needs to drive the ‘Internet of Energy’. Self-powering IoT is the solution.

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