Superior Energy Performance

About Us

The creation of Axon Systems was driven by the needs and challenges faced by managers, engineers, and other stakeholders responsible for the energy performance of buildings. Our passion is to apply innovative technology solutions to drive energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

We do so by leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to unlock hidden efficiencies that exist in any building automation system. Axon Systems specialise in self-powering IoT and believe this is key to achieving improved energy efficiency of any connected automation system, regardless of the age or complexity of the building.

Our Values

Axon Systems was founded in 2019 but was built on decades of experience which forged our desire to create cutting edge selfpowering solutions to assist businesses to unlock value through improving building automation.

We believe self-powering IoT is the future. This belief drives our vision and values. We apply these values across every aspect of our business. We build better products, capitalising on our industry knowledge and experience to offer the very best-in-class game solutions for energy harvesting and self-powering future.

The main aim for our self-powering products is to produce building and automation solutions that negate the need for cables and batteries during installation and renovation works. We pose that our self-powering solutions are the answer to improve the energy performance of any building.